Plane always black in game renderer

I’m following FirstGradeCalculus on Youtube and set up my scene like his in the video “Blender Tutorial - Basic Camera and Scene Setup.” Every time I switch to the GLSL setting, my plane goes black. This did not happen the first time I set the scene up on my computer; I was able to create a purple plane with reflections and shadows, but it does it every time now.

I’m running Blender on this particular computer in Windows XP 32 bit with a Sapphire HD 6670 low profile graphics card. Most recent drivers.

Here is the blend.
Fail 01.01.blend (477 KB)

Why won’t it work anymore?

It renders as purple for me. In the bar above your timeline, below the 3D view, next to the mode (Object/Edit/Texture Paint), there’s a “Method to Display/shade Objects in 3D view”. Setting that to “Solid” makes it purple in the viewspace.

Hope I helped :smiley:

It’s purple in solid mode, but when I switch to texture, I’m supposed to see not only the color, but the shadows and reflections on the plane as well. I get none of that in texture mode; just a black plane. It doesn’t do that to the ball; I can see the ball complete with shadows and reflections. I don’t understand it.

Dang. Well I didn’t see any other issues with the blend. I’d suggest re-making everything in a new blend. Can’t think of anything else.

The normal of the plane is pointing downwards. Flipping the direction of the plane should fix the issue.
Remember the game engine doesnt support double-sided faces by default.