Planes of the Head, from Andrew Loomis Method

3D Representation of the Planes of the Head, from Andrew Loomis Method
(Sculpted in Zbrush, Lines were made with Grease Pencil and Rendered in Eevee)


Nice work.

Loomis is my first port of call for anything artistic, he was an excellent artist and his books taught me far beyond anything I learned at art college.



you should turn off shadows in the sketchfab file

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Yeaaah, same here. He, Bridgman and Reilly were life changing art resources for me.

Thanks for the comment.

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I tried to, but it also looses the shadows on the mesh, which help to show the plane changes. So in the absence of a cast shadow option for specific objects, I have to choose between annoying extra shadows, or a flat mesh.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank yoou!!! :smiley:

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