Planet 51 - Rover

Hi, my name is Johannes,

i’m a cabinet maker from Südtirol - Italy and in my free time i am working with Blender.
(normally i speak german, so sorry, if something sounds wrong)

I started with Blender last year and after spending hours following tutorials,
this is my first finished work.

Modelled and rendered in Blender 2.49b, post processing in Blender and Gimp.
(i had a lot of problems with Blender 2.57 on my very old low end computer.
At every render blender crashed)


Hi Johannes, welcome to!
Very nice model for a first one project, and a render so clean!
I enjoyed the movie and you reproduced a good model of that rover here!

Very nice!! Modeling is spot on! Looks exactly like the character from the movie…

Thank you.

Here are some clay renders.

C&C are welcome


What you don’t say is that obviously you already did 3D in some other application before Blender.
It is obvious in many details and the well plannified the mesh is, a newbie can’t do that.
Great model and great render.

Well, years ago i made a few meshes in Lightwave, but nothing really special.
I published the spaceship from the anime series “Captain Future” at
beside this two projects i had 3d experience with CAD Programs during my work, but nothing more.
As i said in the first post, i followed a lot of tutorials, 'cause i’m a little perfectionist :wink:
It was a lot of work for me to make it like this.
I never had subsurface experience and it took a while until i was satisfied.
Glad that you like it

I agree this is spot on! I love the movie to begin with, especially when animation comes into play. The character animation was phenomenal.

Great job! I’d love to see this guy rigged!

good job!

The model looks very clean and I like a lot :slight_smile:

Would be cool, if you try to render this in Cycles :smiley:

aww! i like these kind of robots.

Thank you all, i’m verry happy that you like my work

@blndr08: rigging is on my todo list :smiley:

@MmAaXx: dont know if my old machine supports cycles, but i will give it a try

I don’t care if your a “noob” (not,) that’s a great robot!

very nice! would advise you turn down spec.

Clean topo, nice texturing, great BI render, good materials (especially the wheels), setup in a nice scene.
Even the clay renders are asthetically pleasing.

5* from me.

JoHal, this is absolutely amazing. I’ve started to model my own version (because of my 4 years old son who’s big fan of this rover) and than looking for some references I’ve found your work. Once again GREAT JOB.

looks great
loved that movie