planet gravity mouse look

So im entering a game into the Ludum Dare pernouced ludum dari or dar-eh what ever anyways im using this planet gravity setup made by i think goran from one of his video tutiorials. but anyways im not making it a first person game but its a overhead view of a cube on the planet and i need it show that when i move the mouse left the cube or character/player will turn left and when i move the mouse right the player will rotate right. And i usually achieve this by using a mouse look script with a LEFT RIGHT actuator with a UPDOWN on another empty but for some reason with the planet setup when i travel to away from the center of the planet/sphere the rotation of the mouselook goes, completely skeeewampas.

So my question is how to fix this or is ther another way of having hte player rotate left and right using mouse movment?

so ya there is 1 day and 20 minutes left on the competition so i need help fast, not to sound pushy or anything :smiley: thanks guys!

I recommend starting a nilunder thread. Goran is much more likely to see/help.

what is a nilunder thread? <-- Gorans website.

oh ok thanks.

It could be that the mouselook is working in global space, and not local. Post up a file.

I used a mouse look script to move a cursor around the screen and then I have my character track to the cursor, all you have to do is change the a mouselook script from making an object rotate to make it change the location.

agoose ya your probaly right here is a blend and kevin: how do you change it. I dont know python. :smiley: i need to learn.

also im using the latest harmony but that shouldnt effect anything.


tinyperspective.blend (1.51 MB)

Here is an example for what I was talking about but it only works on 2 planes(x and y), the script is a modified version of a script that was adapted to blender 2.54+ by ProperVandal, she has a youtube channel.

So here it is:

FollowCursor.blend (678 KB)

I hope this helps.

If you want the original mouselook script and a tutorial on how to use search for ProperVandal’s channel on youtube.:slight_smile:

well its still not working but i dont think ill finish the game in time anyways cause there is only 20 hours left. But thanks for the blend thow.