Planet made in GIMP 2

This is a planet I made for a background purely in GIMP 2. It’s actually pretty bad compared to a few I have made in Photoshop, but it’s decent considering I was just doing it for fun and had never tried it in GIMP before. If anybody would like to know how I did it, I could write a short tutorial. The embossed surface has sort of a cloth-like texture to it because of the way GIMP does clouds, but since the planet was going to be shrunk down it wouldn’t be noticable and I didn’t bother fixing it. There are also a couple other errors that I’ll fix if anybody wants a tutorial.


I like. kudos!!

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likewise, coolio

Cool! Is this basically filters on different layers, or is it drawing with a tablet?
I would be interested in knowing how you made it.

Thanks for the comments!

Writing tutorial now… might be up today or tomorrow, considering I have an accursed essay to write also. :ba:

@Superkoop: To my dismay, I do not own a tablet. Those things are so cool!

you can find the tutorials on making planets in gimp my on simple search


Thanks younguser!

@darkscar888: I actually searched the internet before starting my tutorial and, oddly, there isn’t one good tutorial centered on GIMP. They’re either poor or rely on scripts that completely take the art out of it. There are great ones for Photoshop like the ones that I originally learned from, but they use a bunch of layer effects that don’t exist in GIMP, so they’re hard to translate into it.

Note: almost finished with tutorial.

Heres a good one:

My suggestion to you is to do small things first one thing i have to ask you is do you know what
The layer dialog is?

If i remember right this tutorial needs this.

Have you mastered every tool every effect etc.

It woul be a good idea to do tut but mess around with it.

Oh yes, I had forgotten about that one. The second time I checked to be thorough in my claim, I somehow did not see it.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about my expertise with GIMP. I’ve been using Photoshop ever since I was around 10 years old and I’m sure I could use it professionally now if I had a job. Recently, Ive actually grown more fond of GIMP in many respects, but I still really like Photoshop’s brush system, etc.

Tutorial is finished; converting to Adobe PDF right now. It’ll be posted in the Tutorials thread.

Edit: PDFmaker is being stupid right now (it keeps getting stuck at 60% and the tutorial is an MS Publisher file; maybe someone knows how to fix this?), so the tutorial will be up a little later.

hmm have no idea

Don’t post the tutorial in the tutorial section, just make a new thread for it in the traditional section. Since the tutorial doesn’t really have anything to do with blender.