I thought I would put up an image made with the blender/yafray since they are now integrated. it’s a mechanized plant trimmer for those who are too busy blending. the plant is generated from lsystem.[/img]

LMAO! That is a fantastic idea and very well executed. Great work.

Way too much grain for my taste, but that could be just your samples settings. You will probably render it better on final.

The leaves are too dark. There should be some contrast in them. They look like black planes there now with no differentiation.


Tip for the chached pathlight:
I know that the cached pathlight sometimes seems frustrating, becuase it can be rediculously hard to get good results. I think that upping the “shadow quality” is NOT the way to go - it seems to do nothing when under .92, and makes render times astronomical >= .92

I use the “pixel precision” or whatever its called… i forget exactly. Set it to 4, and it removes most of the “blotches” associated with the new cahced pathlight. Set it to 2 for final renders, 1 if you still have trouble.

I render “for final” with these settings:

Shadow Quality: .91
Pixel Precision: 1 (best) ,2,3, or 4 (still crappy)
GI Quality: Best (indoor) or High (still good)

I oversize the render cause it seems OSA isnt properly controlled. I still get lots of jaggies at the “OSA 16” setting. I think we’ll need to wiat for buttons to control the Yafray AA scheme before AA will work right.

hehe that’s pretty cool. That’s an awesone tree, I think I will try some more with endpoint leaves like that.

Thanks’ your right it’s to grainy, I want a little grain though. It doesn’t look right if there isn’t a little. and your right about the leaves I think it might be a combination between my poorly made UV and the light direction.


I haven’t played much with the Blender buttons for pathlight I rendered it out as low res hemilight (skydome) to get an idea of what it will look like and then cut the background colour away that is a constant and added an HDR file in its place (you can see the light on the tubing from the HDR) and then cranked the hemilight up to 100 (which isn’t enough) what’s odd is the HDR file makes it super grainy and I don’t know why that is. but your right there is not enough control on the blender buttons yet (not that I’m complaining in any way) i find pathlight is a little trickier and needs a little more tweaking. I’ll try you settings.

the thing I’m finding is none of the materials that one would set for blender match yafray’s settings yet. I had to crank them way down for yafray. and of course some of blenders settings aren’t implamented yet. Like stencil doesn’t seem to work yet. Ah well it’s fun to play.

I rerendered the image at a higher resolution, 400 samples in hemi mode. gave a more defined body for the trimmer (motor and gearhead) but it’s too shiny I going to tone that down (reflections can get ahold of you and it’s hard to shake that monkey off your back) also I’m in the middle of a render that will replace the “off the shelf” floor. I think it’s too repetitive. I think there is to big of a contrast between the leaves and the floor as well so a new floor will remove the darkness of the leaves.

wow, thats awesome, but i think that the soil could have less specularity, looks like a think soil-milkshake

I agreee about the soil… looks too plastic and light coloured… too fake.
the rest of this picture seriously rocks! when will this device come with something to water the plant? because then I willl seriously consider buying it

Hey, thank’s for the compliments, my first post of an image and all.

MMM… soil milkshake… hehe. you are right I hadn’t even noticed.

really? you want one of these? what I do is build this stuff. I first make it in drawings (I used to use cad programs but now I mix cad with blender as blender is so intuitive. I can generate a drawing in blender faster than I can with any other tool including a pencil. If you interested my web page is.
now I’m completely hooked on blender. I don’t sleep because of it.

here is another render with a better floor, I made the floor instead of using stuff I’ve found on the web. I screwed up on the back wall. I tried using nothing but the hdr and hemi light. I think the next render I’ll hit the back wall with some light and lighten up the leaf colour in the jpg file. these renders are taking 13 hours to do and I’m kind of guessing at how things might look. what I’m trying to achieve, as I’m sure it’s obvious, is I want the image to be completely believable as an actual existing thing. I think I’m getting close. ??? yes? no?

There’s a few mechanical problems with your design but the renders themselves are really neat to look at. The later ones with less grain are MUCH better IMO. I think you did a nice job touching it up. The dark wall in the background is interesting but perhaps you could put some sort of art work on it or a lighting fixure of some kind to put an interesting detail there. Nothing too distracting but something realistic enough. Good composition overall if you ask me.

way better that way.
i was sure this was real.
but there is a scamble of the shadows in the right corner…bump map?

what is this yarfray you speak of?

Was this the special raytracing edition build of blender? Wow it looks completely aweseome, I think I’ll have to grab a copy of that build…

and dang, a 13 hour render? This must be raytracing…


The last render is fantastic. The camera angle is 100% better and really shows things off better.

I still think your leaves are way too dark and lack highlights though.

Great work on this. It is indeed looking very real.


:o Lol I want to have that cutting machine, really handy, I think you could make money with this idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be scare to try the cvs so. And Yafray is not the the special raytracing edition build of blender, yafray is extern. they are building a plugin for it so no more dificult script. The new raytrace stuff is inside and give some good effect easily
here try the today’s build:

Cached pathlight will drop your rendertimes to around 1 hour. Perhaps it’s worth a shot. You can use it by putting an HDR backgound in the scene. I dont remember what the syntax for that is though.

thanks for the comments.

I have played with cached pathlight a little. I may not be remembering correctly but do you really think it will take it down to an hour? I’ll do some more tests.

the syntax is straight forward for hdr
<background type = “HDRI” name = “envhdri” exposure_adjust = “0”>
<filename value = “C:\hdr\kitchen.hdr” />

and then in

<render camera_name = “Camera” AA_passes = “2” AA_minsamples = “2” AA_pixelwidth = “1.500000” AA_threshold = “0.040000”
raydepth = “5” bias = “0.300000” gamma = “1.000000” exposure = “0.000000” background_name=“envhdri” >
<outfile value=“C:\yable\glass\glass.tga”/>


this is cut away from a file I generated using yable but the syntax is identicle in 006 coming out of blender.


what do you mean mechanical problems in the design? design of the image plane or the machine? the machine design even though it is not visible is the same technology as rollercoaster cars. you have a rail that you then encircle with a series of wheels so you can hang upside down or fly around corners without flying off. the cutting blades have six wheels for each tube and the circular device has 5 wheels, two top two bottom and one on the side. This means you can cantileaver (sp?) moving objects without fear of them tipping over. make the wheels out of hard rubber and have a tuning wheel to generate compression/friction and you can move up and down with a good strong geared motor.


I know, I keep trying to get the leaves right. I’m trying another render.


yes I have a bump map on the floor, are you talking about the light scramble on the boards or those darker shadows? I’m not altogether sure what the darker shadows are because the light is falling the other direction.

yah! I figured out my leaf problem. Make a mesh in the shape of a leaf give it a UV texture. go to the plant select a series of vertices at the end of the plant limbs, duplivert them and the leaves and then manually move the leaves around to give it a little randomness.

i found out that there are still problems with alpha maps and yafray.

also this image is done with path light. I found no real difference in the amount of time it took to render. though the quality is is better on the objects. with “skydome” i was using before I had 400 samples. With pathlight I used 2048n samples with a aa pass of 2 and aa minisamples of 4. and the original image size of 960*1280. the render time was some where around 15 hours (i don’t know for sure because i went to bed) . I think the length of time has to do with the HDR file but that is a guess.

Why would I get that strange artifact on the back wall of a straight line? All in all I think I’m done after a little clean up in PS.