Plasma Ball generator thing

Hey, it looks nice! For what do you want to use it? And how did you achieve it?

I have a idea to simulate
(laser induced plasma supercavitation envelope accelerator)

basically is blasts multiple lasers just under bloom strength that converge on a area causing it to be much greater than plasma bloom threshold,

this plasma is ‘torn open’ by armatures (pushing it out of the way)
a second set of armatures accelerate the plasma backward propelling the engine forward.

This way a ship could travel using only energy at high mach without any plasma damage and potentially very little resistance,

for now, the simulation is particles converging on point where a invisible sphere is with collision and a force field (every point -strength)

I also use 2 dampening fields near the sphere and a vortex.

I use a smoke simulation with the particles as the source, and set to fire, and remove density (set to zero) and set vortex to 4 and dissolve to 1.

(particles are set to zero alpha/ not rendered)