Plaster wall

Hi guy’s en girls,
Iam a bit of a newb at blender but iam really having a problem with creating a stucco/plaster wall for interieur designing.
I am a furniture maker and use sketchup for modeling and blender for rendering.
Can some one help me and give some hints to create a realistic material?
This is what i have come up with so far:


Unfortunately your JPEG is so highly compressed that any detail on the walls (particularly the red wall) are lost.

I usually find that variations on a Normal map using the Stucci procedural do wonders. You can layer in some Musgrave and Distorted Noise textures for added effect.

Hope this helps.

Thanx for the hints and sorry for the poor image!

I have started on a new scene but iam still not happy with the progress.
(used the stucci on normal setting really low nor 0.10.)
What am i doing wrong here please help.


Your room isn’t lit well enough for starters. Textures will vanish into the shadows in real life also. Changing to different lamp types will produce varying degrees of bump mapping without ever adjusting the Nor slider. If you want anything more specific than that then you need to be more specific in your question.

I have never seen a stucco interior. Your walls should look fine without a bump map.

stucco is common indoors in houses in the southwestern united states,… my house has stucco inside. anyway have you used the “nor” setting on your texture? it will make your stucco look like it has depth, instead of it just being painted on the wall.