Plasticity CAD $ Nurbs

Hi people, I didn’t find any information here and I would like to point out a new 3D CAD application on sale today Plasticity, it is available for various operating systems including distributions compatible with Debian and RedHat, as well as supporting Apple M1

This application uses the same geometric kernel of Siemens NX (Parasolid), and has a similar workflow to Blender from which it was inspired, but does not work with meshes but with NURBS, the price range is 99 for the indie version and 299 for the Pros.

Here are some things I made in the previous weeks and some videos of a user who makes really complex models.


Edit and I saw this now but I don’t know much more about the plugin for Blender and Plasticity bridge.


I love this software, I was beta testing it for months and Nick the developer has plans for a Plasticity/Blender bridge in the future, which you can see in the video.


Nice tool, it needs a bit more artist friendly pricing or longer trial periods for larger conversion in my view.

The Blender bridge seems great! But as far as I can tell this just MoI with a different interface?

This video show better what it’s

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What do you mean? moi3d has a very different UI from Plasticity.

There was a 100 discount earlier, a presale but it was mainly for the discord members(early beta tester). 30 days should be enough time IMHO. Even at it’s current price I think it’s still cheap. Maybe we been spoiled by Blender(free) :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope Kit Bashing is coming soon, it’ll speed up my modeling 2X.

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There was a 100 discount earlier, a presale but it was mainly for the discord members(early beta tester).

That is not applicable to the current sale.

30 days should be enough time IMHO. Even at it’s current price I think it’s still cheap. Maybe we been spoiled by Blender(free) :stuck_out_tongue:

Not all of us have a lot of time to put many consecutive days into learning and integrating new software into our pipelines,I personally find 30 days to be not enough , not because I need more than 30 days to learn it but I need that 30 days to be spread into couple months so that I can put the necessary time as needed.

No subscription pricing is good.

Yes that’s what I said.

You can also get the lowest tier then upgrade within 12 months to the studio version :smiley: The studio version comes with benefits you may or may not need. There is also a 50 dollars off coupon code:

I highly recommend Plasticity, if you are a Blender user with some experience with NURBS modeling. The learning curve isn’t that high. It’ll probably take you 1 to 5 hours to learn the software, exporting to Blender is straight forward using OBJ, soon the bridge will be ideal exporting option.

I just dig Plasticity since I don’t have to deal with topology or polygons during the design/concept art phase.


It’s tempting, to be sure. The only thing I’m concerned about is if it’ll be a good fit for my style. My stuff isn’t exactly highly technical or ultra realistic, so I’m wondering if it’d be a decent investment for me.

Plasticity is far different from moi3d. Plasticity is closer to a polygonal modeling experience IMHO. Moi3d and Plasticity can both heal a boolean when you delete it, but that’s about were the similarity ends.

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The developer sounds super cool, it is definitely worth supporting his work.


Great, I will definitely need this for vehicles and other mechanic projects.


Unfortunately Moi only looks cool. You can draw and edit curves really easilly in Moi. But when it comes to fillets - moi just stuck.
Last time i test plasticity its doesnt offer anything except G1 for fillets. Hope they add G2/G3.
Moi have them all but whats the point if you consantly get errors.

UPD: plasticity now have G2. Cool


I’ve used for work, Rhinoceros, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, NX, FreeCAD, and they all make mistakes in some places with the chamfers or bevel, often problems due to construction errors,.

Moi3D v5.0 beta has started to include ACIS kernel, and the bevels are better than before, more features will be added over time, Moi3D is a fantastic value for money application, and you can do amazing things.


Looks and feels really nice actually. The pricing is reasonable, and no subscription is a huge plus.


It’s not just that the UI is different, Plasticity’s workflow is unique and easy to understand especially if you have been using Blender for a while.


I found plasticity through and have been trying it out for 2 hrs. Gotta say, I am hooked. Such a joy to work with.
I am also liking the devs’ videos, seems like a great guy. Many feature explanations end with ‘just like in blender’ :smiley:

I find this video about geometry kernels especially interesting. I fully support his decision to go with parasolid and understand its implications on pricing.

In the 1.0 release video, he is saying that he doesnt make money off the indie version. I’m curious, does somebody know how parasolid licensing works?

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wow, that looks really interesting. I have the trial version now