Platformer movements - update 02.09.17

The thread is closed, due to the update and a new location - link

Sorry guys, but there is a platform script and glow - who downloaded - be careful, not for commercial use. This trick was foolhounds (I did not know myself). Then I’ll try to remake under the right license :rolleyes:.

Hello. On our forum ( I decided to help the novice with the player in the platformer ... then I remembered how hard it was for me to start myself, and made a good start for him.

Here’s what I got:

  • Mr. Sharpnose is able to walk in different directions, jump, activate the button (jump), cling to the ledges (first key jump then move), climb the ladder
  • realized the camera’s binding through the script
  • the re-spawn sensor only needs to register the coordinates of the restoration
  • made a script “flash start” and “flash finish”

If anyone is interested, watch and use.
Maybe later I’ll add more functionality.

Link to file.

Thank you for attention.


Fixed a couple of bugs …

  • removed unnecessary logic bricks “lava” …
  • fixing the player’s script
  • altered the script “fall” - now it “mess” and has a variable property “mess” - so more universally

Thank you for attention.