Play an intro movie before starting the game

Before my little game start I would like to display a typical intro movie (like a moving logo or even a short trailer). Is there something easier than applying a video texture to some plane and direct the camera towards it? I am just wondering if Blender has something specially implemented to just play a video on the entire window/screen. Also, is there some place where playing a video texture in order to achieve a nice intro movie is better explained? Thanks

No, I don’t think that you can use anything except video texture, Unless you’re gonna use an animation running in real time.
But, you can create another scene with a camera already targeted towards a plane with video texture and add an add overlay scene actuator with that video scene.

Can the background be a movie?

(just a thought/question)

I am going to make a video tutorial on this subject either today or tomorrow. I am going to cover how to do the video texture itself, and the sound. :yes: