Play for Brains

This is the animation used for the intro and outro of my Play for Brains videos which will be educational. The animation is done in blender 2.56a and the music is done use my guitar, bass, Audacity, and Psycle.

for access to the video archive keep your eyes on the Play for Brains website at

This content is suitable for all ages. Enjoy

Simple but effective. Nicely Done!


that is what i was going for initially.

I agree. very good intro! :slight_smile: One question though. In your video, did you create that DNA strand in Blender too, or was it just the intro?

the DNA was made in blender also. the sound and graphics were all composited and exported with blender as well.

what is this aboyut

I just posted a new video, but basically Play for Brains is going to be a science and possibly science fiction website.