Playback of cloth: Render view: not updating like it did a second ago

One of those moments where you go “What button did I push???” and if you had any hair you start tearing it out…

So my little flag cloth simulation was merrily running in Render view, looking good, when (suddenly) the vuport stopped updating. If I select the Object I can see the object highlight being deformed, and if I stop playback it renders in less than a second.

  1. Why (which button?) is it doing this?
  2. I’d prefer a fully (vuport) rendered playback at a very slow frame rate – I’m pretty sure there’s a setting that will do that, and the converse, where it skips frames but approximates the full speed playback (that is, you might see every third frame, but the speed overall is correct). Where is that control?

Thanks to everybody. :vulcan_salute:

I see there is a SYNC/FRAME DROPPING option, but I cannot find where they’ve hidden it in 2.82.

BTW, F3 doesn’t help on “sync” or “dropping”, so, how DOES one ‘discover’ such functions?

UPDATE: found it (the Playback “Popover” (rolling my eyes)–(seriously, YTF aren’t these “radio buttons”???), and set the playback to “NO SYNC”, but the same thing is happening, ie an outline of the object is deforming quite nicely, but the Rendered view is delayed.

VERY likely this only works in Material view, not Rendered. At least, on this machine.

Maybe you upped the subdivisions?

Not today. It’s possible that I switched viewing modes. Is full playback supported in Render view?

To be clear, it’s working quite well in Material view. And that cloth simulation is sweet.

For me I was thinking I would not expect realtime playback of a sim in rendered view. It seems that that is you had seen.(edit: maybe eevee, don’t know) If you want that maybe try turning down the samples of render view in the render tab.

It DOES look good in eevee, but I certainly didn’t knowingly switch to eevee, …although I’m gonna use the hell out of it now that I’ve looked at it again.

Here’s the deal: somehow, things just seem to CHANGE in Blender, and this one I’m sure of: I use B on 2 different machines, and one now has PLAY mapped to “SHIFT+SPACEBAR”, but the other has PLAY mapped to “SPACEBAR”. I >>know<< I never remapped those, so why are they different. --IMO, this kind of thing is why B is so damn hard to learn. Sh*t just HAPPENS. I spend most of my time trying to figure why.

For me, I can’t remember blender ever changing something I didn’t change, sometimes I can’t get things to work, but I don’t generally touch keyboard mapping. The only thing I can think of in this case is maybe the other machine is a laptop and its using a different mapping for num pad immitation, I don’t remember if, on my old laptop, it does this.

edit: sorry I didn’t see you replied.

FWIW, I don’t use numpad emulation, I got an external numpad.