playback your animation render?

Im new to Blender, and when I try to render my animation, it shows me 1 frame per second, and when all the frames were showed, I couldn’t/can’t playback my animation?!

can someone help me? (probably everyone :P)

(and by the way, I have a mac)

After you click “Anim,” and it has finished, click the “Play” button immediately below that. The selected frames will be played at speed.

As you are developing your movie, notice also the “Render this frame” button on the right side of the window frame button-bar. Hold down CTRL as specified and it will produce a very rough (animatic…) animation of the window. Very crude graphics but at speed and generated very quickly. (Zoom the window, e.g. with the middle-mouse wheel, so that the indicated camera-boundaries fill the frame.)

HTH, and … “welcome aboard!” Stop by anytime when you have more questions. (The “Search” capability of this forum is a bit simpleminded but is also a huge resource.)

thanx! :slight_smile:

I allready have tried the play button but that didn’t work.
The only way I could do it, was by pressing shift-alt-A.
Im searching now for that button " render this frame"…can’t find it :frowning:

On the render button panel (F10), you can find the Render (single frame), Anim (render range) and Play (play range) buttons.

and where is the: “render this frame button”?

The label on the button is “RENDER”. Type F10 to see the render buttons. Click on the image icon to see render subtab (instead of audio or animation).

thanx :slight_smile:

The F10 button has got another function for macosx, but I know where it is :wink: