Player Always Moves after adding Bones without touching my Keyboard

Have made My player model .Like simple BOX with small edit on it… Have done Keyboard binding… Created Simple enemy with NAVMESH and bones… Enemy just works fine … BUT my player model AFTER i ADD some Bones to it Starts to move backwards ALWAYS…:frowning: When i delite the bones from PLAYER then all works FINE…:frowning: NEED some HELP…

I’d guess you parented a mesh to the armature and forgot to set it to no collision. Hard to tell.
Can you upload a .blend file so we can see what’s going on?

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Tutorial.blend (968.0 KB)

its made in 2.79

Seems I guessed right: you’re running physics on the player mesh.
That won’t fly. Set the mesh physics to no collision and setup the logic on a cube, then parent the bones to that cube.

Quick way to do: Add a cube, move it to the same position as the bones, then parent bones to the cube. Select the cube, then shift select the player. Go to object -> game -> copy logic bricks. This passes your logic setup from the active object (player) to all other selected (just the cube in this case). There’s another function in the same menu for copying properties.

You could also just parent the armature to an empty, like you did with the enemy. I prefer an object with a mesh because then you can edit the collision box.

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SUPER 1.BIG BIG THENKS I have done with the box… Working Great… I know thats from start needet to make with empty…WAS very LAZY to rendo all buttons… THE INFO about Copy logic Bricks Helped Very well… YOU A a great…:slight_smile: Sorry for my English…
Thank you thank you thank you …