player character for project Mistlands.

modelled in blender and textured with photoshop, I’ll most likely export and animate in maya now, unless there’s some way of exporting bones and animation… (?)

ah, and the whole thing is around 1500 triangles, with two 512 textures (head & body) and a smaller one for the backpack…

Wow, that looks really really good!

I like him, but it seems that his face is in soft-focus relative to his clothing, which is much higher contrast (and maybe a bit too contrasty). If the color palette on the clothing were softened a little bit, so that the whites are more muted, that would probably do it. Face lines such as the eyebrows and eyelashes ought to be hard-lines.

that is freaking sweet man!
great job

Beautiful texture work Eldron. The eyes seem to not be there though.


He’s missing pupils, I think that’s the problem.

That’s pretty damn cool!

awsome texture job :slight_smile: mined showing wires/uv?

there’s still lots of refining to do in the textures, and finishing the head, once I’m done with that, and if I managed to find some better webspace I’ll show some wires and textureflats :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic. Any chance of a video tutorial on painting a texture like that? :smiley:

I would like to see the wires
I’m very impressed…
a´yeah… guns’n’roses rocks

good work.

specially cloth and metal texturing(yet though, over that GREAT hand painted from scratch texture work, you could mix in mutliply mode some partially deleted semitransparent texture layers of dirt, leather, cloth, visit, or better: use ur digital camera).Maybe the cheek bone shadow is a bit strong, and too colored giving a subtle feel of make up.

Maybe chin is too small, try putting mouth and nose (so making nose a bit shorter) a bit more up. That would make chin bigger-longer. I say as head seems in good proportions, and mouth seems too low positioned.

It could go as it ise. I just saw a bit of room to improvement, like I use to see with my own models :wink:

Export animation? yep. In several flavours. Which engine u use?

md5 format from der_ton is a good chance. If u use Max, or your team members do, u can export as md5, provdide them der_ton’s importer (I think was already available) for md5, so they load in Max. And Max export to any game format out there.

I think there’s no md5 importer for Maya. Neither x importer. But it has appeared an x importer for Max, the page is in Japanese…
but plugin in english, I think.

Blender can export in x animated format, check Ben or Jox pages.
I have tested both to work well. Allways use last versions.
md5, md3 (also tested, works ok as single piece morphing model) , md2 (tested) , cal3d…I doubt u had a problem. Most engines can load this, unless is for a mod. If it’s for a mod, I doubt they don’t have the possibility of importing in max and exporting from there, most mods do. Maya weights and bones import is the problem.

Perhaps only for maya is FBX import. But then again, no free tool exporting bones and weight in fbx (I only know wings fbx export, but is static)

Overall it seems is going to make a great game character, and looks higher res think than it is, also for good non distorted texturing.

dang man, this is beautiful.

normally i am not a fan of low poly stuff, but this is just perfect. (well nothing is perfect, but i can appreciate quality when isee it still)

Alltaken :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve heard a bunch about some of the more standard flaws on these textures, I will fix those asap :P, I do have some dirt and stuff on it, but since the texture is a bit more highres they wont show unless zoomed in upon, but I might enhance them a bit, as for the engine, it’s custombuilt, for the project called Mistlands.

Mistlands is an opensourced multiplayer roleplaying game, focusing on the roleplaying aspect and heavily on custom content, the worlds are dynamic and can be edited in realtime while players are connected, one can even edit properties of objects/players there, and “tons” of scripting going on, serverside…

it’s built in a tile/zone kind of way, where pieces of geometry are snapped together to make a world, so it can be built in all directions.

(artists point of view) ;)…

current build is a bit of a graphical chatclient, where you can walk around in the world, edit it… etc… no combat or such yet…

one can find the milestone2 release at:

as for the exporting, I read some documents on pythonscripting and managed to write an exporter for static models, I’ve been looking at the doom3 exporter to figure out how to export bones and animations.

after that I’ll get back to being an artist, barely any good graphical content in the game now.