player controlle????how too

im making a space ship and want too move doors and etc with controle keys in the controle room.
what is the easy way too do that?

just press a button and a hatch will open and automatic close after 10 seconds.
so i need to make a lot of copy’s of the controle button


ps; please send a blend file for Blender 2.53 beta


how is this a WIP and not support or game? admin please move it

these doors i want too open, and the hangar doors need too close with a button.
the sliding door need to go open when you get near and close after 10 seconds or need to open with a button from the controlle centrum


Hi Gregzaal,

i’m building a starship and i dont know the best way to use controled objects.
if this is not the place to post, where sould i post then?
for me its a WIP


here are some double sliding doors


is it an animation WIP or a game WIP?

its a dream to make it a online game, but for now i would build a highly detailed ship.

I suggest you learn more about game making, everything has to be insanely low-poly (especially for online games). But as for your doors, sorry, I don’t actually know anything about game making in blender. However, as i understand you, you want to make a door open when someone goes near right? I have an idea for that

please tell me youre idea.
i have try it with timeline, but that was a lot of work.
because i have have more then 1 door.
i also make a elavator,

so you see some work. :slight_smile:

thnx for now

well, you could have a bone (or any random object) a certain distance (call it x) from the door. then somehow set it up so that when this object is distance x from the door, the door is closed. then the closer the object gets to the door, the more it opens. then set the object to somehow follow the player, (but not go futher than distance x from the door) then as the player gets closer to the door, the object will follow him, hence getting closer to the door and opening it.

theres probably a better way. like i said, im no game expert