Player HUD in multiple cameras

I would like to be able to switch cameras, but use the same HUD in all of them.

I created some text objects for info and put them in a group. Then I made a group instance of the HUD, one for each camera, and parented the instances to the cameras.

The problem is that the instances do not follow the cameras, and I cannot hide the instances either (object visibility = False).

Is there some better way to do this?

Typically you place your HUD in an overlay scene.

Thanks! I have never looked into that before, using different scenes.
Do you know of any examples/guides for this?

Just try it out. The scene actuator will help you. It is not difficult.

To communicate between the scenes, have a look at the guide to messages in my signature.

I realize now I was asking for something highly google’able.

Found a simple introduction in and a simple inter-scene communication example in
I will definitely have a look at your stuff too. Tank you!