Player Menus/HUD

Ok, i have been trying to make a unreal tournament like game with starcraft like models… one thing that has been bothering me was how would i go about making a HUD like showing ammo, radar and anything i might need, like a main menu and things like that?


you could use a scene overlay with orthogonal camera for some 2D elements over 3D.
and you could make the tutorial on the blendenzo website :
for a menu…

OO First post !?
You should try making somthing easyer.:smiley:

haha, well i know its a bit out of my leuge but i think its going well so far, but, if this becomes overwhelming, do you have any suggestions?

Make a Tetris clone or breakout.

As I understand it, breakout clones are pretty hard to make in BGE.

Or maybe not anymore?

congratulations that’s nice go head you are doing great job.all the best to u man defnately u will get successes


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