Player piano

This piano is soon to be animated but first I would like to get some input about the rendering. Thanks for any help you can give.

Very nice indeed! I think it looks great. Just one thing: What’s that white thing in the middle?

Textures need work and the white thing needs to be rounder. Kare, the white thing is a scroll thing that scrolls the music

Looking good, I agree with Kansas_15
The textures are too dark to see the details.

The thingy in the middle is the “Piano roll” This looks like a preElectronic player piano. The piano played the song that was coded into the paper. A series of holes are punched into the paper, the location and combination of the wholes tells the piano, via pnumatic controls, which key will be depressed. In the non electric version you would sit at the piano and maually pump the piano lever with your feet.

Thanks for the responces guys. I readjusted the textures changed the shaders, and redid the lighting. It still has some texture issues but I’m tired now ;). The new version is below.

Yep. This would probably be about 80 years old. it’s sort of a hybrid between two old pianos my folks have had (both given to them). One a big old “upright grand” and the other a non-working player. I’m debating wheather to “convert” mine to electric though, as having the “treddles” would require the someone to pump them as you said and would add another level of complications. The trombone on top is from the same era. Anyway I apreciate your feed back.

it looks very well, but i think it’s a bit to shiny.

It looks much better. I can see the details now. It looks like a brand new Piano (shinny) If you are looking for an older look you may want to tone down the reflection.

If your interested here’s a link to a piano that I did. I didn’t go for too much detail because it was mainly a prop in a scene.

That’s a nice prop. I’ve seen real ones similar to that.
I’ll tone down the spec a bit on mine.

Just a quick comment, since I need to go to dinner and a lab.

The colors on your piano are too saturated, and seem to be a tad too red. If you back off on the saturation and make the whole thing a little tiny bit darker (and toward brown, but very slightly), your textures would look a lot better.