Playing back a rendered sequence later


I just don’t get it. How do I get a targa sequence that I rendered before to play back in blender. Cant seem to find any way to import it. I tried to do it by changing the pic folder, but blender is looking for a different file name:
my targas are named

and so on, but blender is looking only for


and so on. How do I tell blender to import a specific targa sequence and play it back? Is this even possible?

I was dealing with the same problem but i have found a solution. Finally.
This mediaplayer is able to play image sequences.
It´s the Jahplayer which they somehow have given to others for further development.

good luck

If you’re just using the PLAY button on the Scene (F10) window, that is an unreliable way to play back an animation.

Open the Sequence set of widows, (click on the dropdown beside the help window), then import the image sequence into the sequence editor.

From there you can play back the sequence or output a movie format.