Playing with alpha maps/textures

(VelikM) #1

I’ve been looking for a new webpage background (for my Blender page), I’m thinking about this one
Maybe it’s to busy?

(Jolly Gnome) #2

if you mean that it has too much contrast, then you’re right. No text would look good on that background, and it may be too big too. Also, it propably looks too… “blocky” when tiled…

(pofo) #3

Well maybe, if you darken it a little and use white text.

Personally I’m no fan of textured backgrounds though.

  1. pofo

(IamInnocent) #4

It would be easy to test if text is still ledgible on it so I leave that to you.

The image by itself is beautiful.

I can’t imagine it tiled though, but if you made it this big it probably isn’t your intention.

I woudn’t be a problem if you take care of placing text on another less busy background.

(digitalSlav) #5

maybe try this image instead…
takes care of the seam problem and darkened a little.

(IamInnocent) #6

It still is good looking and should go well with a light colored font. This leads almost always to contrasts that are tiresome for the eye, to my taste at least.

(VelikM) #7

That is perfect! This is my Blender page with the texture applied.
tmtechie please note credit in the header.
The text shows up fine.

Thanks IamInnocent for the comment “The image by itself is beautiful.” :smiley:

(IamInnocent) #8

Well, it is… :slight_smile:

The page looks real good and even the repetition of the pattern is barely noticeable.

Excellent work.

(VelikM) #9

The way tmtechie tiled it causes a diagonal tiling effect rather than vertical/horizontal, looks a lot better that way.

(digitalSlav) #10

glad you liked it! looks great on the page. nice little set up.