download the 10k x 10k version at DeviantArt:

Making of on my blog:

In this project I wanted to bring a 3D scanned cockroach into my blender scene. Since I want to print it on a big canvas, I also aimed for a very high resolution render. In the end, I rendered at 10k x 10k px at 500 samples.

I used Blender 2.79, Helicon Focus 6, Helicon Remote, RealityCapture, PhotoScan, Gimp, Instant Meshes and Substance Painter. I would like to thank everybody in the blender community for putting out so many great learning resources. I extensively used tutorials from @Zacharias_Reinhardt , @andrewprice and @aendom , thanks so much guys! Also, I would like to recommend for all your rendering needs, (I had to 3D print a cockroach holder for my rotating capture stage) and

The project is based on an #inktober drawing I did last year:

Here’s a close up of the cockroach’s head:

Scroll down to find uploads of individual assets on sketchfab.


damn man … this is desgustingly crazy

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I’ll take that as a compliment :smile:

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damn dont tell me you cought a cockroach and keep looking to it while your modeling !!!
its almost like if its been scaned or something,
i mean look her legs hair, its really crazy XD

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I bought one one Etsy! And I actually scanned it (using RealityCapture). Since the process was very long and tedious (I had to experiment with some new gear for my DSLR), it was sitting in my garage for a few weeks and kept staring at me. First it was ultracreepy but after I while I was getting used to it. I think I found a new therapy for curing Insectophobia.

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damn man, … this is really amazing

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Brilliant! I’ll show it to my wife :rofl:. She has a great affection for these creatures… :running_woman:
Everytime she sees one, all the neighbourhood knows about it!

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:smile: I also had to do some explaining when my wife realized I “bought a cockroach on the internet”.


Hey, thank you for the mention! I’m glad I could help somehow to this cockroach render! hahaha! Keep it up! And hope to see more of your new works :smiley:

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Seeing some inspiring artwork or a helpful tutorial popping up every now and then really kept me going.

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Nostalgia… Ralph and Rodney were cool…

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Haven’t seen that movie in ages, I’m glad I could bring up these old memories.

Quick update: I started uploading some of the assets on sketchfab for your interactive viewing pleasure. I’m also working on a real-time version of the whole scene, but for that I need some more tweaks.


TV set:

Folding table:

Aluminum tray:

I gave them all a permissive CC license, so please feel free to play around with them in your own projects.

Hey, great work!
Will you think of animating the bug in some future time?

The scan seems to go also between the outer wings and the body. Must have been a great scanning process method!

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I don’t plan on animating it. I uploaded it on sketchfab (with low-res textures) under a CC license. Since I spent some time on cleaning up the mesh and chopping it up into the different limbs, it should be fairly easy for anybody to rig/pose/animate it. I might also try to put a high-res version on blendswap at a later point.
Regarding the scan: Thanks for the compliment, the secret sauce here was actually a lot of manual cleanup, mostly sculpting out holes and re-adding detail that got lost in the scan. The wings are actually the weak part of the scan, they seem to be separated, but that’s only the case at the outer edge. I spent most of my cleanup time on the limbs and the head (since these are most prominent in the render). I will put up a tutorial soon and post the link here as soon as it’s ready!

So , you are now the king of creepy. I need some rats for a project I’m working on… I bet they would be therapeutic too… You could make playrat to go with playroach. Put him in a bathrobe…

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Thanks for the inspiration, but I’m done with creepy for a while and can happily pass on that title :sweat_smile: !

Hello again!
Just wanted to let you guys know I put a tutorial on this project online:

I uploaded the project on sketchfab, enjoy: