PlayStation Portable

You need more light in the latest render, it’s very hard to make out any detail in that blackness. From the previous shots it looks like it’s still an excellent model, though.

maybe mirror the screen a little

I agree about making your render brighter. Try turing up the exposure value.

I was wondering how you made the the word “open” so clear. You said it was a mesh ealier. What was your technique?

This is a great model

Strongbad: Hey thanks for the expsure tip. Never saw that slider before. :smiley:
As for the “Open” text. It’s easy enough to make it that clear. I just used the
add text option (SPACE>ADD>TEXT). Then I just converted it to a mesh.

Anicator: The screen on a PSP does indeed reflect, in the final version, I’m going to have the PSP “desktop” as a texture (I think).

Now for an update. I finished the D-pad a couple minutes ago, fairly happy with it.
(Back to clay renders for the time being.)

crits/comments appreciated

-maniac 4 hire

i love this PSP
i hope i can almost think it’s real in the final version