Has anybody made a game on playstation- how do you do it? + do you need a mod-chip?

thanks inadvance

You can’t really, console games have a whole seperate code. You can’t just burn a exe file on a cd and then stick it in, you’d have to learn console assembly code and then convert an exe to a format the playstation can read.


Which I think costs around $3-4 I think…not too sure but I know its very expensive.
I think someone mentioned using linux on the PS2 and that you might be able to do it by networking your PC to your PS2 and transfering blender to your PS2 hard drive running it through linux
I think it worked, can’t find the orginal post now…

playstion2 dev kit costs exactly 10k american

using blender games on the playstation was something that a lot of PC mags claimed when blender 2.00 first came out. I dunno where they got it from, cos theres no truth in it at all. :frowning:

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you sure?

I’m sure there is news of this somewhere, looking
but as far as the answer to the original question:
learn to program for playstation (or ps2 or ps3)

wait a long long time
(when will a blender user with enough money to buy the development kit allow us to get a license with sony to distribute blender games on their special disks?)

from interview with ton

[quote]Q:What relationship has blender or NaN to Playstation 2 / Neo Geo?

A:We aim to make players for PS2 and other consoles. NeoGeo was the name of the animation studio I co-owned, no relationship whatsoever with the Japanese console. We were first!