Please advise how many frames to render a full 360 turntable animation for 3d model?

I always end up rendering 480 for smooth 60 FPS animation for the 360 turntable. but somehow i feel like i’m rendering too much because it’s taking me around 1 day for 240 frames at 1920x1080 resolution. byt the way i can’t change my gpu 'coz i can’t afford 1070 & above GTXs.

Am i rendering too much?

Can you please advise how many frames do you recommend rendering

It would depend on how long you want the animation to be, wouldn’t it? Now it seems you’re making it 8 seconds, which seems reasonable for a turntable.

If you’re struggling with render times, try a 30FPS - turntable is not exactly action-packed, so 30 should be still plenty enough. That’s already half the rendering out. Plus, since it’s animation, try dropping the resolution to 720p, you can upscale the result later. There likely won’t be that much of a difference in visual, but your render time should improve quite a bit.

All as above.
Plus: in case it is a product-show turntable, maybe you could achieve good enough quality using Eevee for rendering. This would be game-changing for your timings

i tried 30 fps but the render looks like i can notice the frame by frame still images.

by the way for turntable animation, how many seconds do you recommend for a one full 360 turn, 4 seconds? or 8 seconds?

It totally depends on your needs/taste. Look at turntables from other artist and you can tell want you want. But also this depends on your timing concerns. If you are doing this for job, I might siggest using a renderfarm

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It means your hardware is insufficient as already 24 fps is smooth enough. And making a 360 turntable you must make sure it’s even. Like reduce the fps to 24, the res to 1280×720 or even 960×540 and set the number of frames to 288. Each 90deg is 3 seconds then.

Have you got motion blur on?

24/30 frames a second is fine - film is all 24 fps, and our eyes are pretty much the equivalent of 24fps, judging from the natural motion blur we see…