please allow my threads to show up!!

Posted 3 times since last week and no approval yet. I need help with my lighting problem.

I don’t think it works on approval. To avoid spammers, the administration blocks new users from putting links in posts, since that was what most spam consisted of. Seems to be effective, but it’s annoying new users.

First: try describing the problem using words only.

Second: use attachments for images or blend files, rather than linking to a web site.

Third: find similar threads and make appropriate comments/questions in that thread (walking a fine line here, I’m not recommending hijacking someone else’s thread - make your posts germane to the other person’s issue.) You can still learn a lot by reading and commenting on someone else’s similar problem, even if it doesn’t exactly match your own.

Finally (I can’t believe I’m recommending this) play the universal vending machine game in off topic chat to build your post count up a bit, so the system doesn’t consider you a new user anymore. And, before you ask, I have no idea what the magic number of posts is.

Welcome to Blender Artists :smiley: (sorry about the yappy guard dog.)

Hi orinocco and thanks. Umm it’s weird because it says it’s waiting for approval. It could be better if they just told me not to post links to my images (I used pics to illustrate my problem).

Spam, so the system doesn’t consider you a spammer…
(doing that right now, need answers)

Yes - very weird, but just reply to some threads for a while and you’ll be fine. It will take you an hour and hell, you might find some interesting topics…:yes:

And then I’ll only have to test now and then if and when I can start a thread…

I’m on it…

Edit: done (i’ll stop whining now)

And then I’ll only have to test now and then if and when I can start a thread…

I’m on it…

Edit: done (i’ll stop whining now)

done? pls provide a link to your post … … … muhahaha
joke, welcome to blender artists

I don’t know why, but I’m unable to post a reply to the thread that I have created, even if I post it without link. I use the file attachement to attach a blend, and I don’t have any link in my post and I still get the same message. It really annoys me, someone is kind egnough to answer my thread and help me on my problem, but I can’t answer him back. First, I was trying to post a link, and than, I saw this thread, bt now, even without link it doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do, anyone have an idea why my reply it isn’t working ?

I am actually trying to respond to some posts with useful information when I have it rather than just post something to up my post count, but since this thread was all about the need to have a higher post count in order to post something with links I thought it would be a good place to get one more post for free. Should be 8 or 9 now :eyebrowlift:


Coteleger and everyone else, not only does the spam blocker block links, but words like pill and brand names etc. Found this here: Hope it helps new comers to post without being blocked. I used to get blocked all the time until I found out I couldn’t post links.
Cheers, Becs

I should be at about 1738 now…

Yeah, but is there a list somewhere of the words we can’t use, because I really have no idea why my message isn’t accepted. I found the answer of my problem alone, but I would still want to be able to participate to some threads ! I think I should only post until I have egnough post, but I hate to post something that isn’t usefull and I’m still a noob, so there is not a lot of problem that I can help to solve.