Please be able to import and draft images (just like Reddit and Autodesk Forum)

This site is easier to use than Autodesk Forum, but there are some things I’d like to see incorporated.
I’d like to see it incorporate the best aspects of drafts and (like Reddit) importing images (like Autodesk Forum).

In Reddit, You can create as many drafts as you want. and the images and links will remain.
You can use it to decide on a title first and come up with the text later. It’s Useful.

In Autodesk Forum, You can import images in Autodesk’s forum by dragging and dropping multiple images at a time to upload them all at once.
You can describe the image.
Right now this site is just as hard to use as Stackoverflow.


now. in this site.

It’s hard to figure out which image I uploaded.

On desktop, you can drag images into the post editor just like you describe. The drafts system is not supported by Discourse.