Please can someone help me?

Ok so i just started a first person shooter. I have simple controls like mouselook walking and aiming and shooting. It was hard for me to find out how to aim and shoot at the same time but i got it. Now I have the aim and shoot at same time with the left and right mouse button held at same time. But for some reason whenever I left click to shoot it quickly flashes a view from aiming view and that didn’t happen before I added aim and shoot together. I want to know how to stop the flashing from happening. I figured out that if I change the f-curve of the aim and shoot it is fixed except for when it is on loop end, which is what I want it on though. Please help me if I didn’t confuse you.

I’m sorry, but my knowledge is too limited to assist you.

one thing that can help you is to state the problem in the thread name.
“please can someone help me?” is to general to attract people who can help you.

A name like “FPS camera shifts suddenly when Shooting?” would direct people who are knowledgeable about those problems to your topic.

perhaps if you post a blend file someone can analyze what the problem could be.

I wish I could be more help.

Not sure if this has been asnwered, but ising armatures with actions would be better than using a F-Curve.

If you’re using a timeline to record keyframes, try using just rotation keyframes instead of Location and Rotation.

Hope that helps.