Please create a forum thread for video editing

Please create a forum thread for blenders video editing
All main editing fields in blender have a forum folder but video editing does not.

People might argue blender isnt a video editing tool, but i just found recently it can beat performance of sonyvegas, so blender sure is a video editing tool.

Without a threat, it will never be taken seriously, and people cannt consolidate where this editor is going, there is no central place of feedback, tips, tutorials, examples etc.

please add it.

Since video editing is part of the post-processing pipeline, one could argue that threads concerning this topic already have their rightful place in the “Compositing and Post Processing” subsection…?

In the support forums at least, the Compositing and Post Processing forum is the correct one to use for issues and support questions that pertain to the VSE.

If it’s a general discussion topic (that is, not a support request) that pertains to video editing, then the post belongs in the General Discussion forum.