Please critique

While I havent been on the forum much (if at all the past few months), I do occasionally get to spit out the occasional Blender ‘doodle’. They arent much, but I like to think I am furthering my progress learning the program.

Again- I know there’s really not much to these pictures- it’s more learning technique than making a beauty shot for now.

I dont know why the other pic wont post right- here’s the link.

Why did you reduce the contrast that much on both images? I corrected the contrast in gimp and they really do look a lot better… [planet fixed contrast] [grass fixed contrast]

One thing for the space render, the atmospheric scattering looks odd, the buttom glow suggest that there’s a light source behind the planets, while it’s completely black on that side, you may want to look into that.

They look like they have “atmosphere” under the lamp (sun) options. Its not really helping your images as artorp already mentioned.

Ok. The contrast may be my monitor settings, and I can fiddle with the pics as time allows (How I HOPE time allows!). I wasnt sure about the atmosphere around the planet. It’s a halo object, massaged as smooth as possible. As for the grass (And the planet, methinks) I will have to read thru my handy book of node editing. The grass looks real, but at the same time, doesnt.

Thank you for your critiques. :slight_smile: