Please delete my user account

Blender Artists was one of the worst community experiences that i ever had. Thanks for all the fish. I am done here. Please delete my user account.

Kind regards

Reiner “Tiles” Prokein

the Joker says: Whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stranger.

Sorry to disturb again, but the leadership at this board does not leave me another choice. The administrator is not to reach, his inbox is full. And the moderators plays dead men.

Folks, it will not help you to dodge and ignore the problem away. Not this time. Delete my account. Or you will have lots to do in the future. I will not be quiet until my account here is deleted. I don’t want to be part of this shit community anymore.

Blender Artists was one of the worst community experiences that i ever had. Thanks for all the fish. I am done here.


You want to know why?


As some of you know, i have started a Blender fork because i want to change the Blender UI to something where even unexperienced users have an easy access to. To stop talking, and to show action. To show at a working prototype what changes can easily improve the Blender UI. And to have a UI and usability where i personally feel much more comfortable with. Remember, the Blender UI is officially made with Python so that even the USER can modify it. At least in theory.

And i got trolled really hard for that.

Some took this attempt as direct attack at Blender. How can i even think about changing the god given UI! And to fork Blender! Blasphemy! The thread where i search for volunteers for further development is one of the worst shitstorms that i have ever experienced. And the trolls picked really everything apart.

And since then i cannot post anything about the progress of the fork here without getting trolled, accused and character assassinated. Officially protected by the leadership here.

At this point a warm hearted FUCK YOU JONATHAN! I told you we will meet again because of this. At the end of the day you did the wrong decision. Let you grow balls and do finally something against the trolls here!

Fact is, this community is dominated by trolls. The moderation here is super biased. Say the slightest thing against Blender and your posting will be simply censored away.

In contrary, every accusation, offences and trolling is tolerated and even supported as long as it goes against somebody who said something that just smells like critics at the product Blender or their developers. This is a behaviour that i expect from a small fan base driven hobby community full of the usual assholes. But not from the official forum for a well known software.

Around a quarter of my postings here gots censored away over the years because of simply pointing at the obvious Blender flaws, and getting involved into quote battles then. I have been told over the years to be a liar, asshole, moron, kid, whatelse harder things, up to sex offender and pedophile. Stuff that at other boards would have lead to life time ban. Without consequences. The insultings and flame comments are still online. And protected by the mods and the admin.

And again the trolls are super busy in the Bforartists thread. Now that they know that i will not answer anymore. But i did not expect anything different. This is Blender Artists. Where the trolls rules the forum world.

I feel sorry for the normal users here. But it’s the decision of every individual here to tolerate the current forum behaviour or not. Trolling is nothing god given. Stand up! Tell the leadership here that it sucks! And censorship must not be tolerated neither. When everything else fails then there is always the choice to leave. Which i want to do now. I am fed up with this shit here.


Or live with the consequences. Every day that my user account is not deleted here means more work for you. Promised!

For those who really wants to honestly follow the progress of the Blender fork Bforartists, and are not just interested in trolling, you can find it here:

Here you can ask any question, suggest any possible change, and discuss the ideas and changes in a friendly troll free environment. And i can guarantee you that every honest suggestion and idea is taken in consideration. I am open to any feedback.

Kind regards

Reiner “Tiles” Prokein

Or live with the consequences. Every day that my user account is not deleted here means more work for you. Promised!
Tiles, I’ve banned you to stop all the multiple threads, it’s very childish and wastes your time more than mine.

I’m sure an Admin would be delighted to remove your account

First, to defend myself against trolling and characater assassination is not work, nor is it childish. But a bitter need and a must do. You mods don’t do it for me, you are part of the problem. So i need to do it by myself. And i needed most of the text for the todays action anyways.

The childish and highly unprofessional reaction comes once more from you folks here. I request to remove my account. And you BAN me? Have you still not understand that i simply want to leave? Nothing but to leave?

And you tell me that an Admin would be delighted to remove my account, like you have no way to contact him, nor like you would even know him?


I tried it already. His inbox is full. Which is No go. An admin needs to be reachable. Basics …

Honestly, do you really have just one admin with the keys for everything for a this big community? What dilletantic community leadership do you have here at Blender Artists? What do you do when somebody hacks the server? Wait two weeks until the admin is back from vacation? A community of this size needs minimum two admins, with full access to server and control panel. And a reachability under an hour if necessary. Basics …

While at it, you have to blame yourself for the work you had here. You deleted my first action, and did not contact me to stop it. You deleted my second action, and did not contact me to stop it. Basics. But banned me so that i couldn’t contact you neither. You did it wrong!

You folks don’t want to talk to me? Okay. Then live with the consequences.

Todays action was to post the whole story at the front pages of my websites, plus some first 3D community pages. An open reply to the character assassination that happened to me here. You will not come away with this shit without consequences. The CG community will know the story. And this incident is now officially part of the history of Bforartists. It will never be forgotten anymore.

And i have to inform you that i have registered a first fake account. You didn’t really expect that the ban will stop me, did you? And i promised you that you will have work with me until i am gone. Tip, have a look for emails. That one was another scary one. Such known email fake providers needs to be blacklisted. Basics …

Next action comes as promised tomorrow. Means when my account then still exists.

Alternatively you could also simply talk to me to stop it, and tell me when my account will be deleted.

Your choice.


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Tiles, why are you wasting your life on this rage? I don’t know you personally and I am glad for that actually, but I do still have some regard for every persons life if for no other reason than to show some respect for those close to the people I find vexing.

For starters everyone is wrong from time to time, and I’m going to be blunt with you. The admins here have asked myself and I suspect others to give you your space here. The admins may be many things but they are not the ubber-strawman-demon you make them out to be. They are just people who are doing what they need to do to make it from day to day. And as someone who has opinions of the admins here myself as I look at this situation I find myself having to side with the admins myself on this. They are not in the wrong. It is within your power to remove your every post and never log back into this site again. Keep in mind the admins have let you do quite a bit of character assassination yourself if truth is to be told. You called me a pervert because I found an issue with your artwork that depicts dicks around children and not a thing was done about it, but now that we have moved onto the topic of guilt deflection…

Right now much of this perceived “character assassination” is simply people doing what people do on this site. they are stating their emotional reactions to your actions and on occasion they are suggesting that perhaps you should consider a change to your actions. such as your current policy of harassment and public threats of it to get what you want. How in the Nine Circles of Hell would you respond if someone had done that to you? These things do work both ways.

Part of my issue with your sites art is that it met the criteria for employment termination from my last place of employment. Not everyone is super-fine with penises around children, and when I indicated to you that viewing such was illegal in my country you responded in quite the cheeky manner, which makes me ask you this, Why is it alright for you to do things such as that but when others do it they are trolling?

If you want my personal advice, delete your posts here by hand (I’ve archived what I needed to for my own reasons), go see a shrink for a year or so to get your head in order and live the rest of your life in a semi productive and rage free sort of way. Because right you are very well on your way to doing something that you will regret later and most likely blame on others, why don’t you try skipping the regret for a change.

I would say the choice is yours, but I doubt you have the executive control necessary to make that an accurate statement. but we all have to play the hand we’re dealt, but please give it a try, let this stupid be in the past and go on to live a good life.

what is the problem about deleting his user account? It is his wish and choice. So it should be no problem in a free and open forum to accept his decision!?

… on the other side what’s forcing anyone to visit or prohibiting not to visit? Seems more likely a mental problem.

If you believe that mods are here to obey the stupidity and arrogant ignorance of members, users… Well, keep believing (free), but do not force your will made of ignorance onto others (do not take freedom from others).
Respect and leave…

For fact I know it is not as easy as just pressing the delete button and the account gets deleted with all the history. A hackers dream!
Wordpress, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo… for instance can’t delete any account from their servers. And then there is law… :wink: