Please give me tips please

I know it’s novice. I’m new to this and this is my first complete head. To me a day.
Please please. Give me advice and criticism. I still very much sick and this but getting better every day.

I can’t see the topology obviously, but it seems there are some sections (around the chin, cheek bones, and forehead) where edges have gotten too close together, causing sharp edges and points. Try eliminating some or relaxing them with smooth. Also, did you have a side view reference? The profile looks sort of flat. I hope that helps!

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It is difficult to try a new tool, and keep visual accuracy the same time. I remember trying to draw with a different medium. Suddenly, proportions got disturbed.

Get a good topology is not easy. Get the shape is difficult.

I suggest, try split bigger problems to easier smaller problems. You can play with technical problems separate from visual problems. Split sculpting hair (over sphere object) and head (without hair). Or focus on an eye.

If you lose your visual focus (e.g. get distracted by technical problems), then simplify.

Dyntopo Sculpting helps to simplify. You do not need to worry about topology. After you completed something, you still can use retopology workflow to focus on different topology approaches.

Dont forget to draw, offline, in real world.

Good luck.