Please Help, Before I go completely INSANE!!!!

(ndnchief) #1

All I am trying to do is make a vehicle, that the tires rotate, and turn left and right. I can get them to rotate, I can get them to turn left and right. But when I put both together, the rotation goes of and the wheel goes whacko! What am I doing wrong, can this not be done with logic bricks alone? Do I need Python? Please Help Someone… If someone knows how to do this, could you explain it to me briefly…

NDNChief, another headache, courtesy of BLENDER!!!

(gargola) #2

well,i did some rotations on the tires of a car on my ghost hunter game.the animations are all good except on one tire…i got the same problem as you,but i didn’t wanted the tires to turn left or right,just to spin.the animation of one of the tires was screwed,don’t know why.then i tried deleting the animation and doing it again,but it was of no use…the same problem ocurred.i hope you can find a solution. :smiley:

(ndnchief) #3

Thanks for giving it a try, i appreciate it, I think I am getting close to solving it, Keeping my fingers crossed


(wiseman303) #4

Try using dRot. Like maybe around the local x axis for spinning. Then use an animation for the turning left and right.

(Haunted-House) #5

Yeah, 360 degree animations such as tires spinning get messed up use drot instead.

(cluh) #6

Yes, using Drot is definatly better to use for tire rotation. Just make sure to have local transformation on( little L button to the left).

(wiseman303) #7

Also, if you want to make the wheels turn for stearing, add the steering animation to a pair of empties and parent the wheels (with the drot motion actuators) to the empties.