Please help, Blender is haunted. Trying to do simple compositor with 2 layers

Ok, I got it to work last night and now it won’t work today. DRIVING ME CRAZY. Here’s what I’m doing:

Take an object of a two object scene and place it into the second layer. Then I go to the layer tab next to the camera and assign a scene layer that has the main object and assign another layer to the second object. Then I render before opening the compositor. Once that compositor is open => shift a to open a layer. But that option is not available. When I did this yesterday the problem was that I didn’t have “use nodes” selected. I have that selected now but I still can’t add any layers.

Hope I explained it right.

You forgot screenshots and the .blend file that show this setup.

OMG, embarrassing. Blender can be cruel sometimes when there’s a lot of windows open. Was trying to add render layer using menu bar instead of the applicable lower menu bar. :mad:

Shift+A with your mouse hovering in the Node Editor saves the trouble of header hunting.