Please help! Blender wont start anymore OSX

Hello :smiley:

I left my work computer (G5 DP 2.0GHZ OSX 10.4) to render over night. Morning when i came the machine was yelling like the fourth core of Tshernobyl in April 86. The screen was full of shit and behind the pixel shit you could fairly see that black error label where there is something written in five languages. So i restarted my machine couple of times and i finally got it to work. I think it was because the screensaver was also running when it was rendering :confused:

Machine works otherwise flawless but Blender wont start anymore properly. It starts but it just keeps on loading all the buttons and icons and you´ll never get to do anything with it. It looks like its rendering it self :smiley:

Our IT guy suggested me to ask from the community that is there maybe some Open GL drivers that have been maybe distorted or something?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is posted in wrong place!


I’m not really sure exactly how to fix your problem, but I’d suggest just deleting Blender and re-downloading it from the Blender website.

Hope that helps… :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help but i forgot to mention that we tried it and it didn´t helped. :smiley:

Now i got it to run by reducing the screen size. But that´s not a good solution cause it was running beatifully in full screen before. Now it only runs when it´s like 1/4 of the screen :frowning:

well it surely sounds like graphics driver problem. maybe even damaged graphics card…

does all the other applications work flawlessly?
how about anything that uses opengl?


Everything else works. Isn´t that so that the osx exposé and everything run on Open GL?

I dont have anything other software or games that uses open GL. Photoshop runs ok?

And Blender runs but only in very small screen :smiley:

hmm,…but damaged grafix gard would bring me a new one,…maybe a Quadro :stuck_out_tongue: hahaa!

That’s a kernel panic - the Mac equivalent of a Windows blue screen. Say goodbye to blue screens, say hello to black ones. :wink:

As basse said, it could be corrupted drivers or something wrong with the graphics card. It’s quite possibly an overheating issue given that you were rendering at the time. The old G5s got pretty hot. Tell them to sell it and buy a much cooler Mac Pro.

Photoshop doesn’t really use the GPU that much - I think it actually only uses it for 3D objects in CS3. I could be wrong but I read that on one of the Adobe forums.

Thanks for replies!

I just noticed some pixel artifact messiness in iMovie’s Quartz composer effects. Artifacts looked similar to that what was going on when i found my computer raging this morning?

Even Blender runs now whit a very tiny screen it is very slow and unresponsive.

It may be worth it for you to download and run Applejack. It has helped me clean up some issues in Mac OSX.

I would also delete your default blender file. It could be corrupted.

Where can I find the default blender file. What is it called default.blend??

The default-blendfile is called ".B.blend "
It resides in you homefolder and is invisible.