Please help me animate the pitch for my tv show

Hi everyone, my name is Adrian. I am currently living in London, UK.
I had a strange dream a few weeks ago and I wrote it down. You must have heard this before, right? :slight_smile:
I think it could be a great tv-show, but I need someone to animate the plot. I wrote everything in my native language, so it might take a bit of time to translate to english. Needs to be 10-15 minute long.
I am willing to pay or give a percentage if the show is successful.
I can’t give more details for the moment, sorry
Please send me a PM, thank you all for reading this,

that seems more like a call for a volunteer then paid work. Getting paid if succesful?
We all have dreams,but they don’t pay the rent.

ps:15minutes is so much work,you really have no idea of what it takes to get that far

Hi Bollebib I gave 2 options:
-percentage if successful, sorry for misleading you
I can imagine that it takes a lot of work, I would do it myself if it was easy.
I need somebody who would accept to be paid by scenes, as I am not rich.
Thank you all, Adrian

well if I read wrong ,then I’m a jackass

carry on and good luck with your venture

All depends on where you see the invisible parentheses…

(I am willing to pay) or (give a percentage if the show is successful.)

(I am willing to pay or give a percentage) if (the show is successful.)

English: the easiest language to learn, the hardest language to master. :wink: