Please help me Fix Peter

Hi guys, i’m noob to Blender. I’m having a hard time with the texturing phase. i think i also messed up ,the model’s edge loops especially in the hand. when i unwrapped it, the map looks awful that i don’t know how to put in the web pattern in it

Can you please help me fix the loops & if possible add the Texture to it? Including the honeycomb bump map & web pattern & color bump map?

The other eye mesh was moved in another layer while i was trying to color.
Thanks in advance

Edit: I simplified the hands a little bit

peter porker 3.blend (641.3 KB)

Basically you just run the texture seams along places that are not prominent. Usually with a head, you run this up the back so you can splay the whole face out like it was made of latex.

The topology of your mesh looks mostly ok. you just need to think how would make it out of paper… where would you put the glue? Thats were your seams should run :slight_smile:

Try this…

thanks, i redid it here. but i don’t know how do i put the Web pattern with bump map? & honeycomb bump map.
peter porker 3.blend (642.5 KB)

As explained in the thread from the other day, use mix materials and nodes to layer up the texture. Use a procedural displacement for the honeycomb.

Or something like this…

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@peterblender Just a quick 5 minute test… Used the Tissue plugin to the get the hex pattern, then used the standard blender wireframe modifier on it…

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i think my hex pattern will be bump map instead. because i’m planning of rigging base mesh. i might use the wireframe for the webbing tho (following yansculpts). by the way, how do make away with the rigging of the web pattern to go along with the base mesh? is it possible to just CTRL+J it with the base mesh? if yes, will it inherit the subsurf modifier from the base mesh which will in effect deform it?

Guys, how do i flatten the Maps for easier painting? i tried the UV square add on but when i press Alt+E, there are some vertices that duplicate.