please help me improve 64bit blender performance in ubuntu


I just noticed today that when I work in blender(64bit) in either win7 or ubuntu I definitely appear to get better frames in Win7.

There definitely appears to be more fps in Win7 than ubuntu.

First is there a way to display fps in the viewport without viewing animations? I would like a way to compare the two to see if I am right.

But it looks like there are less frames in the ubuntu environment.

I would like to remedy it, because I prefer working in linux.

Do I simply need to update my nvidia drivers?


what performace do you get from a simple:


you have to start it from a terminal to see the output of calculated frames.
With a proprietary nvidia-driver, you should get a few thousands of frames per 5 second measure.
With a default (only 2d-driver, like noveaux) there should be only a few, a lot less than 10.000 frames/5-seconds.
Next, did you check, you dont suffer from other cpu-wastings?
For example a lot blender-versions need to be switched to SDL or even sound=None in user preferences to avoid some overhead …