..Please help me improve my model

My model is basically shouting “End my life please” but I can’t figure what’s wrong besides the wonky hands and feet I can’t seem to find a way to fix, please help.

What are you trying to do actually ?
Modelling/Sculpting a human Base Mesh / /

By looking at it, It loosk like a plastic rigid cartoon figure body. Add circles (eyes) on face (as a texture) and give the bodya color material and render it out. I think It will look good enough if thats what your Goal is or if you are going for a realistic human body then first gather references and compare

Thanks for reaching:

I’m using a combination of modeling and sculpting here, split a cube in half and extruded/subdivided my way out, when the shape was already looking like a humanoid I added the multiresolution option and started sculpting my model by adding basic forms and eccetera, I’m trying to do a base mesh for future characters so details like the face shouldn’t have place in the model.

I used a figure sheet I found on the web but as I was tracing the shapes using the ortographic view I found out the figure was highly disproportionate.

Now I’m stuck with this half-looking humanoid with no ideas to fix it.

hope I was clear enough

Looking at the folds in the model, I am thinking the polygon structure of the model (which is called the topology) is probably incorrect for a character.

When making a character, the polygons need to follow certain rules and structures so they deform correctly. You may want to look for tutorials about character topology, like this:

Also, it’s fine to sculpt the character, but then you will want to remesh it in such a way that it follows the rules of good character topology.

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I understand, thanks for dropping by,

I just have some questions about this “topology”:

  1. are there some special procedures to have a correct topology other than seen in the video?
  2. Should Vertexes be equally spaced?
  3. What to do if there are blank spaces after extruding some parts? (Legs, hands, Arms, feet)?

I’ll try for now to documentate myself some more on this topology and watch this video, I’ll see if I can fix my model then, thanks for the input.

Vertices should generally be equally spaced (as in, avoid super long and thin polygons), but the polygons can be made smaller in more detailed areas like the face and hands. On characters, it’s recommended to use only quads, as they deform better, and where possible, avoid vertices with more than 5 edges converging to a single point, as they can cause a pinching effect (the more edges the worse the result). In general, it will be better to have the polygons in a roughly square grid and they should follow the direction of deformation. On the face, there will be edge loops circling the eyes and mouth, and the hands should have enough edge loops that the fingers can be shaped into proper knuckles when they are bent.

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Seems kinda complicated, I don’t know any of these terms as I just follow my sixth sense (which is also wrong seemingly). so should I just start over once I learned a bit more about modelling/ sculpting, or keep it and fix it once I know more? Also, is there a complete list of what should I learn?

this is the topology of the model:

EDIT: before the modeling I split the cube in two and used the symmetry modifier, now I attached the two parts of the cube together

Character modeling is among the hardest parts of 3D art. It’s completely normal for a learning artist to make multiple characters before managing to get one that they find satisfying.

I would learn more about modeling, especially character modeling and start over. With your current model, you could maybe get it in a roughly correct shape with sculpting, but you would run into a difficult experience in the future when trying to modify it, because the face and hands are the actual difficult parts of a character.

There are 2 ways to make characters. The first is polygon modeling, like we have been discussing here and like the tutorial I linked.

The second way is to first sculpt the entire character without caring about the polygons and then go through the process of re-topology, where you re-create the sculpt’s polygon with the correct layout.


Thank you very much, Coming from a 2D scene I didn’t expect the 3D world to be so huge and affascinating, I’ll begin then to devour every guide I’ll possibly see and eventually, to make something real