Please help me normal bake this building

I’ve been working the past couple weeks on baking this (very) hi res building. I’ve put in countless hours retopologizing and trying what feels like thousands of different fixes, but my normal map consistently has artifacts, especially inside the concave parts of my mesh. At this point I don’t even know if it’s possible. I’m asking here as a last resort cuz I’m think about abandoning this project. I’m a hobbyist, so my knowledge of this subject is frustratingly low. I’ve attached a picture of what the normal map looks like on top of my mesh:


These artifacts look like ray missies, likely caused by tight overlapping of the low and high poly models. Try enabling the “Cage” option in “Selected to Active” and adjusting the “Cage Extrustion” setting to be not 0. This should help, though is unlikely to combat all the artifacts.

Thank you. I tried that before posting this. The results were okay but when I loaded them in substance painter, the normals/reflections looked terrible. Also, like you said, there were still major artifacts in some areas. Do you think it is possible to bake something like this? Should I maybe break up the object?