Please help me peeps!!!

Ok. Don’t get pissed or anything cause I’m new.

I was just wondering why I cannot set the motions for my character in the blender game engine.

I go to the logic buttons, however, I cannot seem to find the actor button so I can press the dynamic button…so on. Help.

go to world buttons choose sumo from drop down menu on the Mist/Stars/Physics panel.

Don’t feel bad, we all had to start somewhere. :smiley:

Welcome Streen :smiley:

I know this is where it was located in tuhopuu. But It seems that this is the wrong place for game engine dynamics. I would have never found it myself in 2.33 if I had not read some of the post here at elysiun.

Awwwww :expressionless: thanks guys. lol. I doubt I can post any of my work cause I can only make a maze and some really cool canyons…or mountains. lol.

Thanks for all the help guys!!

edit:oh yeah, and this one where there is a river going through some canyons…but I just made it blue cause I don’t know how to make water. lol. I added a bezier curve, polyd it and parented the camera making a really nice pleaseure cruis through the canyon. lol.

lol kl i was too late to help :(. post some of your work street and welcome to elysiun.

Don’t worry about mean people here, this is one of the “nice”-est forums I’ve seen. :slight_smile:
Anyway, If you’re going to make a river, try modeling it by hand. It will have MANY less polys and so will run better.
And get a water texture and set the faces to “add” mode to make it look like water. :slight_smile:

Ehhhhhhhhh…I’m sorry but could you possibly gimme a tutorial…I’ve only been playing around with blender for…2-4 weeks.

Yep, no aggressive people here.

A tutorial for the ‘add’ button?? Or a tutorial for making a river??

lol, both j/k. yea i find this forum to be pretty nice actually.

lol, the river. lol. I got the actor button working. lol.

Now all I have to do it figure out how to do damage and get damage so I can make enemies…

you should get the game engine book. its very good.
and welcome to elysiun.

Well, i don’t have any tutorial, but you can use this

thankee kindly guys.