PLEASE Help me!!!

Hello All.

Ok My question is probably very simple, and YES I did check the knowledge bas but could find nothing…

I am using the latest version of Blender and my problem is…My buttons do not display like everyone else’s it seems.

Here is what I see…

And here is what I think I should be seeing…at least its how every tutorial I have come across is laid out…

your view is correct.

the other picture is outdated. most of the buttons are still there, just look around :wink:

The GUI was changed so some of the older tutorials show the older GUI.

So…basically the older GUI was better? lol Is there any way I can adjust/change the display to resemble the old version?


not that I know of. You can rearrange the panel though.

Rearrange how? Just move them around?

yes, just LMB hold on the panel header a move it, or RMB for other choices, not many though.

You’ll have to understand that Blender changes a lot and quite frequently. A good portion of the tutorials and documentation that have been written could be outdated, so the interface may look a bit different. But for the most part the old tutorials still apply to the new versions so we read them anyway :).

You could rearanged the panels but you won’t be able to rearrange the buttons themselves. New ones are also added and some might have been removed due to redundancy.

Personally I would just understand where all of the buttons are and then when a tutorial shows pictures of where they used to be you’ll still know where they are.


Well put!

In the top link in my sig is a link to version 2.25, the one with the interface you see in the older tuts. It’s ideal for learning and you can have it loaded alongside v:2.36. Once you know your way around the transition will be a breeze.


Those pics were taken when blender still had the old interface, you’re using the new interface.

Take a look at the ‘basic interface video-tutorial’ (by mr. Metsys) in the video-tutorial section of, pretty neat. It also covers this kinda stuff. :slight_smile: