Please help my noob-ness...

Can anyone elaborate on how to add these additional sockets on the “Render Layers” node at the link to the image below…

My default node that I have now only comes with the following sockets (1) Image, (2) Alpha, and (3) Z. But, I want all the others (Normal, color, diffuse, ect.) so I can do finish up this section of the manual. Thanks.

You need to enable the passes you want in the Layers section of the properties window

Note that with Cycles render engine those layer and passes options are different

Thanks, that worked. But, how do you change all other nodes? See these two links below:

The first has the math node (add) that has two image input sockets and one for the fac value. But, I only have 2 value input sockets and no fields for a value that can be entered.
The second has numerous value fields that can be entered on the difference key node while I only have Tolerance and Falloff…???

Those images are from old Blender. One is from 2007 and another from 2008, there are differences.

It’s not math node in the first image but a color mix node.