PLEASE HELP! Need advice on modelling Pants/Shoes

So I’ve been stuck here for awhile trying to figure out the best approach to modeling jeans for my character. I want to go for the Tripp gothic jeans look but I’m not sure whether to model all the details(pockets, zippers), leave up to the texturing or use the cloth sim to add wrinkles. Also, since I plan on rigging this character, should the pants be a separate piece of geometry or should it be attached to the rest of the mesh? Furthermore, the shoes I want to have a detailed tread on the outsole without adding too much geometry to model itself. Any ideas how to approach these two modeling issues I’m having? Also, I would like to add that when I did use the cloth sim, I got undesired results(little to no wrinkles). Thank you for your time and help.

I wonder did I ask this in the wrong thread?

It’s just kind of quiet around here lately. I would help but I know just about 1/4 of nothing about rigging and setting it up for different types of materials. But as far as the shoe tread goes I would probably think a simple extrusion of the raised tread part would be the easiest and poly friendly method to go. Similar to doing a tire tread.

both ways of creating the cloth have their advantages. if you sclupt the folds and creases, you will get exactly what you want. however when you animate you may want the fold and creases to change as the material moves…this is where the cloth sim comes into play.
The details of the pants and the shoes is the same… advantages to both ways of doing it. sclupting the shoe tread will increase the geomotry Texturing is the way i prefer to go, even if i sclupt first and them bake out the textures. I like ending up with a high res and a low res version. either way you go is the way you want it. Have fun with it.

ps if it is for a game, you will want it as low poly as possible. if its for a simple animation, go the high res route

Ok, thanks for the advice. But I also have another concern when it comes to constructing clothing. Now, I 've heard that typically you want to have a seamless mesh by having all clothing attached to the model. But is that Ideal if you want to simulate the clothing? And how will the process of rigging be affected? The first character model I created awhile back had all the clothing and accessories as separate models. But then when It came to rigging and posing the character, there was a lot of clipping and weird deformations (post weight painting). So my guess… would be to model all the separate pieces of geometry and then model them again as one whole mesh? What do you think?And sorry if I am explaining this poorly.

If you are planning on having cloth sims, then you would want a full body, and then the clothing as a separate object. The body would have collision enabled… If you want a super loose/baggy (almost like a dress) feel then cloth sims are good. For a tighter look, skip the simulation and just use a couple shape keys or bones to sway the bottom of the pants or looser areas. As for one joined mesh vs. multiple objects it’s not that big of a deal either way. If you are planning to export for unity/ue4 one mesh is the way to go. If not you can weight separate objects to a single armature. It easier to deal with separate obejcts in general.
It’s unlikely that for these kinds of clothes a cloth sim will give you the wrinkles you want. You have a very sculpt friendly mesh, so just use multi-resolution sculpting. The multires should come after the armature in the stack.
You mention “and then model them again as one whole mesh” well you wouldn’t remodel anything, you would just join them together by selected 2, or more objects and then hitting J. Pockets are your call, you can easily use textures and normal maps to fake it, or add on some geometry. As for the sneaker treads you would want a normal or bump map to keep it low poly but get some good looking tread bump/

Can you tell me how to make pants covered and made by using leaves kind of like in african tribes or even like in prehistoric era from old cartoons from 60’s,video games from 90’s in Blender?

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