Please HELP: needing to create bones CONSTRAINTS via python

Hello people,

I d like to know if/how i can create constraints using the python api…
I m using then to “fit” the bones to imported motion capture data (“Empties”). I have seen some scripts to create the bones converting the mocap data to the bones action IPOs.
But, thats not what i need… I want to work directly on motion capture data and use an existing rigged/skinned mesh to this data. I dont know if its the best way but I have seen this way is easy and fast to reuse mocap data…

tks []s

ps.: each bone I add 3 constraints to empties: copy the location, stretch & rotation.

As far as I know, posing constraint over bones is not yet possible in Python.

As for Motion Capture , I’ve just finished writing a kind of tutorial about a Motion Kit I made …

the BVH2ARM v2.4 and its online documentation
and a tutorial.
(If you’re using a 2.37 … the bvh2arm povided in it is more powerful than this one that is for 2.40)

You can also use a recent C3D_importer v0.6 I made and its online documentation

Good luck …


This will be included in 2.40x or 2.41 as this is under developemnt now.