Please help with 3d pic from 2d image

Hi there, I am very new and totally confused about how to turn my simple 2d image into a 3d one! I have an online radio station set up to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer trust, and our logo is a cartoon wolf head. I have been trying for the best part of a year to try and make it 3d! It doesn’t need to be animated, but trying to bring our logo into the 21 century! I have attached the head, (the part that needs 3d’ing (??)) and the full logo which we currently have. Any help is greatly appreciated as I dont have much hair left now with the amount i have pulled out over the past year!! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Do you want to use Blender for this specifically so you still can animate, otherwise also you can modernize it with other programs like gimp.

What font did you use for the text?

hey Rotaerc, thanks for your reply - i dont know if i need it done with Blender or not? My expertise is in vectors and signmaking :confused: There are no plans at the moment to animate tho. Many thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Hey ifcruickshank - the main Wolfman Radio font was laffriot - we may update the font to match the 3d head tho if we are able to get it done :slight_smile: Many thanks for your reply :smiley: Del

Hi dinglydel,

What help are you looking for? Are you looking for someone to model this for you, or are you looking for advice on how to go about modeling it yourself?

had a bit of time while waiting for my lift :wink:

not terribly good but your welcome to the blend if you want it
NOT done eyeballs~ teeth run out of time


hey BlendShadow - either or! I like to think i’m pretty good with software - I learnt flexisign in 6 months, so vectorizing is pretty hot, but really struggling with this prog :frowning:

WOW HEDDHELD!! That looks amazing :smiley:

would something like this work?

wow!!! that is amazing glassdog!!! :o Could you get the colour onto that?

Yes i can, Let me work on it a bit and i will get it done for you. look for it in a day or two.

here he is in color.

here is a shinny one

here is one you can turn around and look at

nice sculpting glassdog!!!
@dinglydell just keep practising mate, one day it all clicks into place

Glassdog - I am blown away!!! that is nothing short of incredible!! Thankyou so much!!

hey Heddheld - you guys on here have really inspired me! Thankyou dude

the coloring can get a lot better. I just threw on some color to show. If I spent time on it, it could improve 1000%. but to be honest with you, I was hoping you would do that.

Am on it Glassdog - that has inspired me so much to learn how to do it :smiley:

do I need the blender file, or can i just work on it from the pic on sketchfab??

Here is the blend file, enjoy.
Happy blending from Texas


wolfman.blend (660 KB)