Please help with empty camera

HI! I’ve been trying for more than an hour to fix the empty view it’s driving me crazy please have a look at the screen capture the model is visible positioned at o,o,o and camera is above but view is empty would really appreciate

iate any help🙏

Have you more than one camera, perhaps it is not the active.
Select the camera and press ctrl + numpad 0 to make it the active one.
Maybe you disabled the stairs for rendering, take a look in the outliner.


Very big image… but not showing the coordinates nor camera settings… they could be hundred of miles away from each other on the X-axis … this for example:

…gives much more information and with 119KB it is even 1/5 size of yours… slighty bigger than the
Camera.blend (96.5 KB) file… (you could exchange your stair with a simple cube… and the problem would be the Clipping End ).

Otherwise as @rigoletto tried… we just can guess…


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Tkx! It finally worked, i did what rigoletto advised amd also flipped normals ,half of them were in the wrong direction:) :fire: :fire:

Oh yes sorry… most suited answer ever: check your normals… :grin:

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Really?so a model with wrong normals wouldn’t get rendered​:pray::pray:

It’s an old render trick… if the normal points away from the camera… it isn’t visible… so the renderer just doesn’ render it… if you check via Vieport Overlays → Face Orientation everthing should be blue… any red face has a switched normal…