Please, How Can I fix Shape key & Aramture Odd Behavior?

Hello all,
I was working on my small project and when tested finished rig of my character I saw that with facial shape key and rotating a bone for that part of skin cause problem, I worked with Maya and I had not any problem, but seems Blender use different approach, I expected the point of mesh when deformed Keep its offset and rotate with bones properly,
I attached an image for describing the problem.

Really Thanks for replies.:frowning:


The bone is acting as the center of the rotation so once the mesh is moved away because of the shape key it’s rotating weirdly. My only guess is to make the bone move with the mesh when the shape key’s influence is increased. But off the top of my head I can’t think of a way to do that, in my past thought having multiple deform types on the same mesh never seemed to work for me. You may need to use a mesh deform modifier for the bones jobs, and then use the shape keys with that. I slightly cover that in my character rigging tutorials on my channel if they’re any use to you.
Hope I’ve helped :slight_smile:

Thanks Enigma246, I actually did your suggestion before and had problems too, I saw a video tutorial on BlenderCookie about advanced cartoony facial rigging.
I spent around 2 months to rig & deform my characters as ordinary cartoony fashion but when i tested I saw this problem and I can not fix it, I used Maya before and I have not any problem like this.
Can anyone please let me know how can i fix it, if possible?

Yes, I actually used Mesh-Deform modifier, and armature on it with appropriate group, but with just part of mesh, it is able to keep offset and rotate properly.