Please make the current wiki docs downloadable

Newbie here. Blender is deep, and reputed to be difficult to learn. No need to make it more difficult than it has to be by only offering obsolete documentation for download. There appear to be unofficial .chms that have been compiled from a more current wiki and placed in arbitrary places on the net for download. Why not make the wiki available for download from this site? Those of us for whom 56k connections are a sad reality would be very grateful.

The documentation, as well as much of the programming / creation of the software itself is all done voluntarily by a small team of people in their spare time.

So, the reality is, if you want a downloadble version of current docs, you’ll probably have to do it yourself. If you setup a regularly updated / downloadble system, then you’d have what you need, instead of waiting for “them” to do it :slight_smile:

I’m also on 56k, and am actually happy that the docs are in Wiki format, so at that :

a) I can open/download only the sections that I’m interested in … rather than a massive 10-15meg?? download

b) the docs are actually updated more frequently with the Wiki format than they would be for a “once-a-month / 2-months …???” bulk update

Even with the “current” docs, though there are actually many areas still un/poorly documented. The “old” documentation is in some cases a better reference than than “new” docs … especially (obviously) in those areas of the program that haven’t changed.

I’ve been trying to help out, adding small updates … as I learn the software from the existing docs / the forums here. If more people helped out, the docs would be much better.


Point taken. This is open source after all. However, as a Blender newbie without broadband access, and someone without any prior experience with building or maintaing wikis. I don’t think this is the time for me to jump in and setup some kind of infrastructure for maintaining and distributing the wiki as a download. I would think it would frustrate those already involved with the documentation project to see posts to various support forums here that are obviously the result of using very outdated documentation.

Heck it frustrates me to try to learn the software with out dated docs ! :slight_smile: (I’m far from being an expert with any area of the program :slight_smile:

The recent Bsod docs are the latest docs … done this summer… I would suggest that you start with the User Manual main page and run through the The Interface , The Vital Functions in the introduction, then the Interaction in 3D section. After that I’d recommed the Bsod articles, Intro to Char Animation covers modelling, animation and rigging, while the Introduction to Modelling focuses more on … modelling :slight_smile: … and along with the Intro to Materials, and Intro to Lighting, covers most of the basics of the program. The more advanced articles are the Python Scripting, Physical Simulation and Rigging ones.

After that, there are still Composite / Material Nodes, the Video/Audio sequence editor and other newer additions like Sculpt Mode, and new additions to the NLA editor (these last few are only in CVS … imminent 2.43 release)


All of the Composition section was written in the last month. Added camera shake this a.m. Proposing a reorg in Sandbox to be more oriented to users.

If there’s something that’s wrong or outdated, see the History page and contact the author. More often than not they’d be glad to update it.

On any page, you can Save Page As on your PC, and it will download text and pics for your offline browsing convenience, so current wiki docs are downloadable.